The Mobile App customized for your Business...

...Enter the future at the cost of one coffee a day!


with the brand and colors of your business, for a result in line with your brand.


to allow anyone to order or book your products/services.


you will never pay a commission on orders and reservations received.


in the management of all the functionalities of your mobile app.


Enter the digital
thanks to your new Mobile App.

The development and advertising of a MOBILE APP still have very high costs and it is not for everyone to have a personalized one. You will therefore become part of a small circle of entrepreneurs who are in step with the times and, indeed, anticipate them, arousing the envy of colleagues and the appreciation of customers.

Imagine that the cost of a tailored MOBILE APP like ours ranges from 4,000.00 to 7,000.00 €, plus assistance that is almost never included.


Multi-Payment Platform

Your customers will have all the most popular payment methods available on the market.

Photo gallery

You can independently insert photos of your business and your products/services whenever you want.

Orders and Online Reservations

Your customers can book your products or services directly online based on your availability.

Control panel

Thanks to the control panel you can check the progress of your activity or modify menus, price lists and photos.

Instant Notifications

You can communicate all the current promotions to all your customers thanks to real-time notifications.

InApp Browsing

Your customers will be able to use your mobile app as a navigator to get to you without difficulty.

  • - No more telephone waiting for the customer and no time wasted for you;
  • - Direct contact with your customers without intermediaries or commissions;
  • - ZERO CONSTRAINTS of duration and NO PENALTIES for withdrawing from the contract;
  • - A dedicated consultant for any technical and commercial need;
  • - Low impact monthly cost, transparent and without surprises;

Welcome to the future!

Placement at zero cost on the portal

NONCUCINO.IT is a website dedicated to our customers Restaurateurs, where users will be able to search for the restaurant that best suits their needs.
Among these restaurants there will also be your at no cost monthly or commission on orders. You will not have intermediaries in the management of your customers and in the collection of payments, nor will you have to take time away from your business as all data will be synchronized with your Mobile App.

*All prices are without VAT

  • € 100,00*

  • Custom logos and colors
  • Management in total autonomy
  • Integrated online payments
  • Subscription cost € 100,00*
  • Suitable for all devices
  • € 600,00*

  • Custom logos and colors
  • Management in total autonomy
  • Integrated online payments
  • Subscription cost € 50,00*
  • Suitable for all devices
  • € 900,00*

  • Totally personalized app
  • Management in total autonomy
  • Integrated online payments
  • No subscription costs
  • Suitable for all devices
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